Giovanni Ferraguti
Marketing Director of Italon - ZAO “Keramogranitnij Zavod”

Giovanni is a marketing director of Italon. He graduated in Business Economics and Communications, with specialization in Marketing and Business Organization, and in 1998 he started his carrier in Gruppo Concorde S.p.A. Giovanni has been working to develop Italon’s brand since 2006, which over the years has become a real point of reference of porcelain stoneware in Russia.

Andrea Rivi
General Manager of Italon - ZAO “Keramogranitnij Zavod”

Andrea Rivi is a General Manager of Italon. He joined Gruppo Concorde S.p.A in 2000, after the graduation in Management Engineering and the working experience in business consulting company. He started his career as a Head of Logistics and then became a Marketing Coordinator. In 2007 he left for Russia for the ITALON’s start-up project, where in 2011 he becomes an Executive Director and then, in 2016 a General Manager.

Mattia Parmiggiani

Mattia is an owner and director of MATTIA PARMIGGIANI ARCHITECTS: an Italian architectural studio, specializing in architecture, interior design, spatial innovations, exhibition design and brand communication. Mattia has almost 20 years of experience across most sectors of the building construction, Interior design and design research. He is an Art Director for the russian company Italon – ZAO “Keramogranitnij Zavod”,and also he is the principal design architect for the new HQ Coca Cola in Moscow.

Julia Shishalova
Editor-in-chief of “Project Russia” architectural magazine.

Before her experience in “Project Russia”, she was an editor-in-chief of architectural portals and and senior editor of “Strelka”. For 13 years of her journalistic career she had been working in close cooperation with interior design: she headed “100% Kitchens” and “100% Bathrooms” magazines, TV programs “Kvartirny Vopros” and “Dachny Otvet” and collaborated with almost all interior magazines. Nowadays Julia writes about architecture in all its senses: from the construction of the iconic buildings to the improvement of the refugees’ living conditions. She is a regular contributor in and magazine Speech, curator of exhibition and education projects, co-curator of the project “ARCH Parokhod”

Maria Malitskaya
Architect, editor-in-chief of ARCHITIME.RU

Maria is an architect (MARKHI) and editor-in-chief of ARCHITIME.RU. Since 2011 Maria is a co-organizer of the “ARCHITIME design group” conceptual design bureau, from 2012 to 2014 she was awarded numerous prestigious International design awards, and in 2013 she was announced the Red Dot Design Award winner in joint authorship with G. Malitskiy.


Gabriele e Chiara Dellagiacoma are two italian architects, owners of DELLAGIACOMA ARCHITETTI studio.
The sons of art (their father Antonio is also an architect), two brothers are graduated in architecture from the IUAV in Venice. For over 10 years their studio in Trentino Alto Adige has been working on architecture, urban planning, restoration and renovation, interior design and product design projects.
All their works and projects are based on a deep knowledge of passive and ecological construction. Among the latest projects of their Studio is the GuestHouse “Baia Sonambula” in Tofo, in Mozambique.