"Dacia Evolution" contest has ended!

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The registration to the  contest “Dacia Evolution” ended on the occasion of the end of the contest.

We will show you the results of the contest  on the 4th September 2018!

You may still follow us at our website www.italonceramica.ru to be updated on our news and on the next contests.

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The contest

The participants must design the exteriors of the dacha using Italon x2 porcelain stoneware. The textures of Italon x2 thickened porcelain stoneware, the 3D models of special pieces, the Italon x2 catalogues and the “Дача evolution” contest regulations can be downloaded from the www.italondesigncontest.ru website after registration.

The total surface area of the terrain is 800 sq.m., subdivided as follows:

  • 150 sq.m. – surface area of the laying surface
  • 650 sq.m. – surface area of the external spaces sub-divided in turn into:
  • 250 sq.m. – max.350 sq.m. of surfaces covered with products from the Italon x2
  • the remaining surfaces green areas.

It is important to use all these obligatory elements in the project:

  • Use of at least 3 installation systems
  • Use of Italon x2 products for 3 different use applications:
  • Use of x2 special pieces and/or decorations

To take part you just should register on the  www.italondesigncontest.ru website from 27/02/2018. The application for participation in the “Дача evolution” contest and the submission of the documentation must be made only after registration on the www.italondesigncontest.ru website where all the materials for the contest can be uploaded. Projects should be delivered in digital form by 30/06/2018.


The total prize value worth 350,000 roubles:

1st prize
200,000.00 roubles

2nd prize
100,000.00 roubles

3rd prize
50,000.00 roubles

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